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The car substrate CM - 8 (3 tons)
  • The car substrate CM - 8 (3 tons)

The car substrate CM - 8 (3 tons)

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It is intended for preparation of a substratum. Proizvoditelnost: 3 substratum tons in 6 - 8 hours.

Weight is 5 tons
The volume of the case is 24 m a cube.
Al. engine of 4 kW

Overall dimensions of the car:
- height is 4,2 m
- length is 7,5 m
- width is 3,4 m

Operating modes:

1. Loading. SM - 8 can work at any tsellyulozosoderzhashchy raw materials (straw, pod, spill and td). When loading the pneumoconveyor by means of flexible hoses is connected to SM - 8, for acceleration of loading by car the exhaust fan which can be connected to system aspiration for purification of air of dust is installed.
The space for fastening of tenzodatachik which allow to weigh and dose automatically loaded raw materials is provided in the substratny SM - 8 car. On SM - 8 the system of levers providing fixing of the car when loading is installed and also serves for more exact weighing (impact of a chain on car weight is excluded).

2. Processing ferry. For processing of raw materials in the substratny car steam moves (the required productivity of the steam generator of 100 kg couple/h).

3. Moistening. For moistening in the rotating SM - 8 case cold water is pumped. At the expense of correctly established shovels and steam - and - water nozzles there is a uniform moistening of a substratum.

4. Cooling. Cooling is carried out by the filtered sterile air (which gives the air preparation module). The filtered air is driven into the SM - 8 case with the fan of average pressure, at the same time in a pure zone the lock of DU and the hatch of a purge in the engine room synchronously opens. (Synchronism of this process automatic equipment provides).

5. Unloading. Unloading of a substratum is carried out via unloading hatches of the car in the conveyor.

Also substratny SM - 8 cars are completed with a divider of a pure zone and for convenience of service by technological ladders.


Our profile Technician of Ltd Company enterprise is the known, active and reliable supplier of products and equipment of the sphere of a gribovodstvo. We release the enterprise on base, and in the subsequent we sell, various devices and devices, for their use in the course of activity in this branch, both in private enterprise, and on an industrial, production or commercial facility. We release and we trade in versatile products of this area, different groups and categories, with variable technical capabilities and indicators: equipment for cultivation of mushrooms, devices for a gribovodstvo, steam generators industrial, systems of moistening, racks, trolleys.

With our help it is possible to receive not only all necessary technical base for the organization and start of production in different scales, but also all necessary highly specialized knowledge and skills. Not only standard and universal devices, but also special, for example, substratny cars, under the order, by the individual sizes, taking into account personal needs and requirements are available to purchase. With our help and assistance possibly not only to buy the substratny car in one copy separately, but also all necessary units in a complex. We will help you not only to start business, but also to optimize already existing working process, having increased efficiency, productivity and profitability of activity.

Therefore if you need the high - quality, hi - tech, corresponding to all your requirements and wishes substratny machine of cm 8, it is necessary to buy such by means of our organization. It will be the suitable substratny car of cm 8 which price, technical features and parameters will be at the due acceptable level.

Information is up-to-date: 02.04.2021

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