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Climatic equipment (for growing mushrooms)
  • Climatic equipment (for growing mushrooms)

Climatic equipment (for growing mushrooms)

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Climatic elimination KU - 5000/16 is specially designed for growing cellulose - destroying mushrooms (oyster mushrooms, shiitaki, nameko, etc. )
A climatic installation is necessary to obtain a stable harvest and achieve high quality mushrooms. Allows you to maintain optimal air parameters in the growing chamber.
KU - 5000 is designed for loading up to 20 tons of substrate (1350 blocks of 15 kg each). Maximum productivity: up to 4 tons of mushrooms (per month) with a single - zone growing method and up to 8 tons of mushrooms (per month) with a two - zone growing method.
The automatic control system sets and controls the operation of all units. And it allows you to withstand the following parameters:

- humidity Rh 60 - 95%

- temperature T 13 - 24 ° C

- CO2 content 500 - 2000 ppm

- control of filter clogging

The climate control unit consists of:

base part , automatic control system , mixing unit , humidification system , compressor - condensing unit , mounting kit , heating unit , air ducts .

1. Basic part
1.1 Supply part
supply part Provides air flow into the chamber (productivity 5000 m³ / hour). Represents assembled units on a frame with laid wires to the switchboard.
1.2 Exhaust part
exhaust part Automatically controlled and designed to maintain the CO2 setpoint in the air.
1.3 Recirculation part
recirculation It is connected to the supply side and participates in the technological process. Consists of louvers and filtration housings.
The price of the base part KU - 5000/16: 302,000 rubles.

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2. Automatic control system SAU KU - 5000/16
The automation set includes a control panel with a moisture - proof touch panel. ACS KU - 5000 shield is completed with all sensors and electric drives. Units and sensors controlled by ACS KU - 5000/16:
The price of the ACS KU - 5000/16: 295,000 rubles.

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3. Mixing unit KU - 5000/16
Mixing unit The mixing unit is used to supply and control the temperature of the coolant in the heater circuit. The tasks of the control unit include:

- Achieve near - linear heating control characteristics.

- Ensure safe operation of the heater.
- Ensure joint operation of the heating circuit with other consumers in the network.


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4. High pressure air humidification
Comparison of humidifiers
ATC with ume fittings The complete set of fittings and nozzles is calculated individually for your premises.


You can open the price list by clicking on this button:


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5. Compressor and condensing unit (KKB)
KKB The condensing unit is used as a source of cold for the freon section of the intake side. Nominal cooling capacity 16 kW. Supplied with freon strapping.
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6. Set of supports KU - 5000/16
supports Installation of the air inlet part of the air conditioner can be carried out in different ways:

- Install on the prepared site

- Hang from the ceiling through the threaded rods

- Fasten the air conditioner to the supports.

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7. Heating unit KU - 5000/16
Heat exchanger heating unit
A heat exchanger is a heat supply element that transfers heat from a central source to the coolant of an air conditioning unit. Eliminates the defrosting of the supply air radiators. Additional heating unit. This unit is used to heat up or heat the air in the chamber from electricity. An additional heating unit is used in the case of:

- Lack or insufficient heat from the central heat source.

- In case of an accident.
There is a place for fastening the heat exchanger.


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8. Air ducts
ducts mind Additionally, we complete with air ducts according to the project.
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9. Consumables
filters Various filters, air ducts and spare parts are available.
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10. Installation, commissioning
installation We carry out installation and us
Country of manufacture:Russia
Information is up-to-date: 17.08.2021

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